Venture experience: Co-Founded a food tech firm, a TV/OTT content venture, an advertising company. Latest venture – Digital Dogs Content and Media.
Founder of the social movement #AngelsOfOleo. A 100% non profit, volunteer driven social action movement named after his Labrador, Oleo. Whose only dharma is to feed, protect and care for the voiceless strays on the streets.
Past avatars: Faculty at grad and post grad colleges teaching subjects like Agency Management, Brand Planning and Consumer Behaviour. Speaker at forums on Startups, Brand Management and Marketing.
Published author: Bastard Hearts. A “flawed as fuck” love story that is half autobiographical. But he doesn’t know which half. Available on Amazon and other book stores.
Loves: everything cloud, machine learning, whisky, motorcycles and punctuation marks.

Blogs at:, The Everyday Awesome, My Omelette, Oleo’s Blog, Medium



Venture experience: Founded Storybook – a design driven corporate gifting venture. Latest venture – Digital Dogs Content and Media.
Multi awarded design thinker – credited with being part of the core team that brought 3D printed jewellery to India.
Really into: concept and space design, product design, experience architecture design.
Loves: signature craftsmanship led products, design thinking projects, re-imagining spaces. And strong cocktails with innocent sounding names.
Dog mom to Muffy, who has her wrapped around his little paw.



Our teams are purpose-built around your unique brand and business challenges. From systems architects to data scientists and digital creators to content producers, we have diverse and multi-functional teams structured around your core solution needs.
Name: Ridhima Srivastava
She is: Director, Operations & Client Solutions
Who has: deep experience in leading client relationships, strategic programme management, planning and operations. A delivery focused team leader with production and content experience. And our resident domain expert on Fashion and Lifestyle.
Name: Yogesh Musale
He is: Director, Technology & Systems Architecture
Who has: decades of experience in production, technology, hardware systems, programming and connectivity architecture. A thorough details man with a love for moving picture content production. And rumbling motorcycles.

Name: Adrija Paul
She is: Manager, Operations & Client Solutions
Who has: cartloads of enthusiasm, deadly focus and a constructive view of life. Skilled in communications, team management and resource development. A sassy ‘grammer whose followers (and fans) on Insta look like the population count of a large city in Europe. And our resident expert on digital and social media trends, with a Buddha-like smile to balance the blur of everything we do.



Name: Dilip More
He is: Head, Still Content Studio
Who has: decades of experience in leading teams of visualisers, image artists, production professionals and delivering on production and material packages for campaigns across the entire suite of still media. Probably one of those extremely rare people who can enjoy ghazals without a drop of booze.

Writers. Artists. Digital & social media creators. Data scientists. Solutions architects.