We open our doors today. April 01/2020.

And while the world is burning up with the fever of the corona virus pandemic, we are even more focused on ensuring that we don’t burn up as well. How do we do that? By staying busy. For our clients. For ourselves. For our dreams and ambitions.

We are business ready and we are getting to work. We have a whole lot to do. A whole lot to achieve. And a whole, mighty lot to create.

Dreaming during the nightmare

Our co-founder, Ambarish seems to have a tendency for traipsing in trying times. The last time he set up a venture – METAL Communications Pvt Ltd, it was during the 2008 global economic crisis. Things were not really hunky dory then, to say the least.

And this time, we have the corona virus nightmare surrounding us. At the time of writing this, there are over 823,000 confirmed cases across the world and over 40,500 people dead.

Says Ambarish – There is no good time or bad time to do what you love. There is only the RIGHT TIME. And that time, for Anjali and me and the founding team, is NOW.

Well, we are humming along today. And we do not intend to let that hum ever die down. What happens tomorrow, only tomorrow will tell.

Que sera sera. Wish us luck.