That’s it. Three reasons. But three very powerful reasons.

Dogs have all these three qualities. In fact, that’s all they have. If dogs are not your thing, see them as a compass.

And just like a good dog (or a good compass), they will guide you in any journey – personal or professional.

Every one of us – EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, has to have these three qualities in us. Else we don’t belong here.


If you aren’t loyal to yourself first, you can’t be loyal to anyone else. Clients, colleagues, friends – no one. And loyalty doesn’t mean hanging around with your mind and soul somewhere else. It doesn’t mean how LONG you are into something – whether a relationship or your job.

It means how DEEP you are into it. Are you into what you are doing, fully? Totally? Completely? With mind, body and soul? With 100% of you? Every bit of you? Because you want to?

Ask yourself this. Often. And if the answer is a ‘no’ then you should be somewhere else. Doing something else. You’ll feel more fulfilled.


This means being straightforward. No bullshit. Not even a tiny bit. And if you aren’t straightforward with yourself first, you can’t be straightforward with anyone else. Clients, colleagues, friends – no one. Today, the world we are all living in is more complex than ever. And this complexity is only increasing. We have billions of options for everything – from who we choose to be with to what to order for lunch. Most of these options are bullshit in any case. Being straightforward in this crazy, complex world with ourselves and everyone we deal with is the ONLY way to remain sane, confident and happy.

Learn to convert complexity into simple, straightforward truths. For everyone, starting with yourself. Train yourself to see through bullshit and say things like they are. Listen to others without ego or arrogance. Navigate the nonstop noise around you to communicate simply, powerfully, honestly. Learn to add real value to people – whether they are clients, colleagues or friends.

If you ever start dealing in complexity or bullshit then you should be somewhere else. You’ll be more at peace.


This is not about heroes on horses and beautiful women waiting for them. This ‘love’ is messy, hard work and far less glamorous than H/Bollywood love. But it is REAL. And it is SOLID. This love is about patience, understanding and faith that comes from instinct and experience. Faith in your clients, in your colleagues, in your friends.

This love is about going all the way and not giving up too soon or too easily. It is about finding that place inside yourself which tells you to hold on, even when everyone around you is giving up. And if you don’t have this love for yourself first, you won’t be able to have it for your clients, colleagues or friends.

If you ever start feeling that you are losing this love, stop and start again. And grow it within you. Because this love thankfully is in your control. But if you can’t, then you should be somewhere else. You’ll be happier.


every single one of us needs to have loyalty, linearity & love for our clients and their business. else, we don’t belong here.

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