Today. the world has moved towards a new style of working. The term #WorkFromHome is not new. However, it has become inevitable in this #PANDEMIC #COVID19 #CORONAVIRUS situation for everyone to adapt to it. WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT!

Work from home:

It is the way forward for a sustainable future – less travel, save time, save fuel. It sure does make life better in metro traffic. However, the downside – one cannot always keep the same pace of work while working from home; especially if he or she is a family person. Not to mention the extended family in many cases and that too with everyone at home it can become quite a challenge. The upside – you get to work at your own time & have more quality time for yourself.

Even when various economy sectors are drastically affected, the gaming industry is more resilient during the testing times as the developers are working from home to keep us entertained maintaining the social distancing as recommend by the World Health Organisation.


Thanks to #StayAtHome #WorkFromHome practices, internet traffic has seen a spike since March 2020. Content delivery companies like Netflix & Amazon Prime Video are forced to look at options to reduce the burden on internet bandwidth by 25%. They are trying to achieve this by lowering the bit rate without compromising content quality.

The pandemic has opened the doors for enormous growth possibilities in content delivery networks, from online tutorials to video conferencing for business and entertainment. That’s all one can do for business-cum-recreation at the times when one cannot get out of the house. 

The only silver lining for those who want to make the most effective use of this opportunity is to GET DIGITAL & INNOVATE! This is also applicable to those who are learning to become a better cook or getting their hands set on indoor gardening or improving on parenting skills or staying fit.

Stay safe & grow Digitally!