Digital Dogs thanks its client, Khimji Jewels, for endorsing a bold decision of NOT advertising during the dark times plaguing the entire world because of the corona virus crisis. But not doing anything wasn’t an option. Only the dead do nothing.
So we came up with an even bolder (and maybe even stupid) idea of genuinely partnering people all over the world to help them smile. And hope. And above all, not to forget to love in these loveless times.

Our hunt was to find a universal glue, one that will be able to get people together irrespective of language, geography or even culture. A glue that was capable of unifying at a time when people were getting divided and dispersed.

We found music.
We found our glue.

Now we had to make it truly universal.

Working with Pressplay Collective – a hot, young company based out of Madras and LA and run by young creative turks with no dearth of ideas, we collaborated with musicians, composers and singers across the world. From the UK to Kazakhstan – to create music. That transcends borders, languages, cultures, age and gender. Much like the virus itself, we did not differentiate between all these specifics. But very much unlike the virus, we wanted to infect a hell of a lot more people.

We built an album called #DiscoverYourLove and filled it with songs – original lyrics, original composition & arrangement and exclusively sung with soul by creative artists and musicians from Madras, London and Kazakhstan. We created music videos to go with each song and ensured that in everything we do, the authenticity and heartfelt intent behind the project never got overshadowed by anything.

The videos were put up in social media and platforms of virtual congregation like OTT channels, music forums and community pages. Within hours of the first video being put up, people started talking about and giving it a thumbs up that defied our expectations. In a few days, with the next video being put up, we had a wildfire on our hands. People started engaging with our stories, kept asking us about our next release and what is the most endearing of all was that they wanted to be a part of #DiscoverYourLove.

By the time we were ready for the final song to be released, we realised that we were no longer broadcasting. We were producing for the people, across the world. Our latest video had to feature the people who loved us so much, gave us their time and attention and most importantly, made us a part of their lives by sending us their true moments of discovering love in times of despair. People from across the world – from Brazil and Philippines to the US, Nigeria and Kazakhstan feature in our video.

We don’t know what tomorrow will hold. And neither does anyone else. But we do know that right now, right this moment, we have been able to make a difference. Counter the infection around the world with an even more virulent one.

Till tomorrow.

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