Burst a Big Babol. Or sip a Cock-A-Cola.
Thumb down a Meru. Or merely hail an Ola
Brands are just names. Kyunki hum ne bola
Unnees ho ya Bees. Satra ho ya Sola

In India anything goes when it comes to a brand name
If people love whatchya selling, you’ve won the Marketing game
If a consumer walks in, you won’t be asking why she came
If she chooses ‘Jill’ over ‘Pril’ the Goras have only themselves to blame

Lifebuoy ho ya L’Occitane. Danone ho ya Amul
No one gives two hoots as long as the price is cool
We wrote the book on Jugaad don’t take us for a fool
Just ask Baba Ramdev how he’s making us all drool

Patanjali toothpaste and the heeng. Don’t forget the soap and shampoo
Babaji’s now everywhere from your kitchen to your loo
The Levers and the Garniers can learn a thing or two
Kaise kisi ki lete hai without a god damned clue

From jet planes to safety pins. iPhone X to Jio
Single malts to hooch baby, jo mann kare piyo
Fogg comes and humps Axe on the subject of B.O.
Did you even know earlier that there was gas in your deo?

We’re thirsty. We’re hungry. And we’re pissed off even more
We’re the public. Screw with us and we’ll show you the bloody door
We go to bed with inflation. Our growling tummies make a shor
Believe us, we’re telling ya. Us middle class are a total whore

We will sleep with any brand if the price is just right
Loyalty is a grey area. It ain’t at all black and white
If you think you’ve figured us out, you have got to be tight
Remember Skoda LAURA? It was more than a 12-inch sight

The rich can play their games all day. They don’t have to earn
They have got no bloody clue about an inflation burn
There’s no Burnol for that burn as you quickly learn
You can’t run. You can’t hide. There’s nowhere to turn

That’s when ‘spurious’ comes to the rescue. Like Batman in his suit
That’s when Babaji gives you the chance to give Colgate the boot
That’s when new brands, high on Swades, blow their horns – toot toot
That’s when narratives find new lovers – we’re reversing the loot

We may forgive. But we don’t forget. It’s just not in our genes
We learn to grow up fighting by the time we’re in our teens
We’re magicians of the Jugaad baby, making most outta zero means
So the canny saadhu and his underdog are where our sympathy leans

Any brand can be a Superbrand. And any story, a winner
We’d rather back the crooked saint than the white-skinned sinner
We maybe fucked up like that sweetheart, but that is essentially us
And if you haven’t grasped that by now, then Charlie you’ve missed the bus

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